The Wicked New World Order is shattering, Transcendental and Transformative. A Religion of The New Age – The Beast From Hell has Arrived – It is A Cosmic Lightening Bolt – Rapture and Ascension.

– “Ye Pirates have been warned”


Because of planets aligning Earth’s energies have changed, Ernest Johnson attempts to make some sense of it all and put all the puzzle pieces together in The Wicked New world Order Audio Series.


Ernest Johnson's Wicked New World Order Audio Series discusses:

world survival, world domination, planet depopulation, population control, human extinction, planet annihilation, control of the masses, mark of the beast, alien intervention, alien control, government control, apocalypse, armageddon, second coming of christ, return of the gods, wicked federal reserve bank, new beliefs, hells gospel, genocide, new age concepts, beliefs in god, new world order, new religion, new age christianity, new gospel, new age religion.